Hello everybody!
In this article I will tell you about all features in Agar.io! One of the most useful features is new facebook account system, it allows you to have level progress, the bigger your level than bigger your start mass. Also second very important feature is release Agar.io on IOS and Android. Let`s say thank you to Zeach - developer of Agar.io.


Facebook account system

Create account is very simple, just click "Login and play", after that application will request permission to log in with yours facebook account. That`s it, now you are higher level then more starting mass you get. 


login agario


Levels in agar.io

This game becomes more addicting with special level system, you can see how it looks on the screenshoot.

login agario


Why Agar.io picked facebook?

In many forums people didn't like "Facebook connect", because they think "Why I should have Facebook account to play Agar.io?". And they right! But on the other hand, this is developers decision and they might to add any fuctionality they want, anyway we can just play agar.io without account.


That's all features in agario at this moment. Don't forget to read our the most popular article "How to create private server in Agar.io". So thank you for attentions guys and see you later. By the way, leave your comment and thought about this features, bye!