Splitting gives you a lot of advantages, you can split not only yourself, also you can split others.


How to split yourself in a half?

1. You should get 150 mass to be able to split

2. After than you need to press space bar and you gonna be split into a half

Agario split into a half


When I should to use split?

1.You can eat others. If you see someone who smaller then you more than in 2 times. You can split and 2nd part of you gonna move very fast. In that way you can eat smaller circles.

2.To run off bigger blobs. If someone bigger than you tries to eat you, you can split. It gives you opportunity to move faster. Even he eats one of your parts you will still have another one.

How to split others?


You should find virus, it is a green blob. Then you need to eject your mass 7 times into a virus. Just navigate you mouse on virus and press W key 7 times (sometimes less) and after that will create another one in the direction you were feeding it. If virus touches blob than he will be split into many pieces.

Video tutorial about splitting