Do you have lag problems with It happens because a lot of people play agario at the same time and servers can’t serve high load. Today I’ll show how to reduce lags in agario.

5 tips to reduce lags in


Tip 1. Select the nearest server to you

There 8 different servers in at this moment, choosing the server nearest to you will decrease your lags and game should work better.

Here is the list of locations:

 Agario lags

Tip 2. Disable Add-on and extensions in your browser

Each extension and add-on impact on your network traffic and slows down your network connection for agario. To switch off your plugins in the browser, you need to do next steps:

Chrome browser

  1. Click on the menu button "" on the top right of your browser, select “Tools” and then select “Extensions” and uncheck all extensions or remove.
  2. Paste into the address bar “chrome://plugins/” and disable plugins you don’t need.

If you have another browsers such as IE, Mozilla, Safari just follow the linkand see more instructions.


Tip 3. Close all your browser tabs except agario tab

If agario laggy, you need to abort all others network connections like online streaming, downloading big files, listening online music and video. This method should help you a lot!


Tip 4. Incognito mod in Chrome

You can reduce network traffic using incognito mode. When you play this mod your browser doesn’t save cookies about the game. This is not the most efficient method to reduce lags but it also helps.

Tip 5.  Disable skins, stats, colors and names in agario settings

Select “No skins”,"No names","No stats" and "No colors" in settings. This is the last thing you can do to resolve lag problem.
If you done all this steps, probably now you don’t have lags. If you find out other methods which helps you, please share with us in the comments below.

Agario lags