Hello everybody!

Here is top 5 of the best scores ever we find in agario. If you reach better score, please share with us your results in the comments below. All of this scores we find in Reddit pages. This guys made a lot of work to make such big cells, so we publish their achievements on our website. As you know, highest possible score for one cell is 22.5k, but you can make higher score with multiple cells. FYI if you want to be the best, you need to practice, you can do it usingyour own private server.

So, here is Top 5 biggest cells ever...


First place with 49,517 points 

This is almost 50 000 points. Maybe it is the best score of the all times. We get this screenshot from Reddit. Congratulations Kantuwa!
agario best score


Second place with 49,430 points 

Second place takes dd7902, pretty good result. Congratulations dd7902!
agario best score


Third place with 45,295 points

Guy with nickname “You Soy Gigante” reached great success! Congratulations!
agario best score


Fourth place with 43,256 poins

Plawchuck made it aka TexasNinja, nice job ninja!
agario best score


Fifth place with 37,241 points

Unnamed cell, you are awesome!

Thank you for reading this article, please, don’t hesitate to share your results in a comments!
agario best score