Hi there! Today I'll show you how to get custom skins. Our team developed special extension for Google Chrome, it is called "Agar.io Skins". This extension allows to get custom skins for Agario.

It is really easy to get custom skins.

How to get custom skins?

1. Install Agario Skins extension. Link https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/agario-skins/ddmbokmmnnhmdllgjohoigfpfmaiahfh
Install agario skins

2. Create account and upload custom skin on our website. Image should be with dimensions 508x508.

Upload agario skin

3. Type your account name into field nick in Agario
After that my skin looks like this

custom skin

Thats it, if you have some problems with extesion you can also watch the video tutorial