Teaming in agario FFA mode

Today will talk about teaming in Agario. Is it good or bad idea? Many people hate teaming because this people ruins their game. Teaming is situation when someone eject his mass to you and vice verse and this trick helps to absob another player.

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So, how to find friend in agario?

You can help someone to eat another cell, or give him part of your mass, and after that he maybe trust you and you can teaming.

If you visit agario forums or reddit, you can find a lot of posts where people hate teaming in agario. It happens because FFA mode created for people who show their individual skills not team skills. There is special mode for team players "Team mode".


Can I teaming? Will I be banned?

Technically, yes you can and in fact nobody gonna ban for teaming, because it is really hard to detect and have no sense. It is hard to detect when you eject your mass for teaming or you have some another strategy.
Developers of agario can add some features to prevent teaming in FFA mode, they just need to eliminate feeding each other. Hope they do it. In my opinion people should play according the rules in any specific mode, "Team mode" for teams, "FFA" for individuals.

What do you think about this? Leave your comments below.
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