Hello guys, today I will try to explain how to resolve issue when Agario is blocked at places applying a restriction policy such as offices, public area networks and schools.

The error looks like this:

blocked agario


How to unblock Agar.io?

1. Switch from http to https

If in your organization Agar.io is blocked, so the easiest way to connect is to change in you browser link from http://agar.io to https://agar.io

2. Edit your hosts file (the most effective solution)

Go to the folder C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and open file "hosts" in administrative mode and add 3 rows at the bottom: agar.io gc.agar.io m.agar.io

This is the best solution, it helps always. Enjoy the game!


3. Put the link into google translate

Go to the https://translate.google.com/ and type agar.io in the left block and click the link on the right side. The game become unblocked because you will play it from google. That`s it! Have fun and if you have some troubles, please leave comments below the article.
If you want to create your own agario server, then read our next article.


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