features: account system, login and levels

Hello everybody!
In this article I will tell you about all features in! One of the most useful features is new facebook account system, it allows you to have level progress, the bigger your level than bigger your start mass. Also second very important feature is release on IOS and Android. Let`s say thank you to Zeach - developer of


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How to unblock Agario

Hello guys, today I will try to explain how to resolve issue when Agario is blocked at places applying a restriction policy such as offices, public area networks and schools.

The error looks like this:

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Teaming in agario FFA mode

Teaming in agario FFA mode

Today will talk about teaming in Agario. Is it good or bad idea? Many people hate teaming because this people ruins their game. Teaming is situation when someone eject his mass to you and vice verse and this trick helps to absob another player.

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Download agario free for pc

In this arcticle I gonna show you how to install and play Agario on PC.

Firstly, you need to download agario for pc.

Secondly, extract the archive into any folder and run .exe file.
Finally, you need to connect to your server, put into your browser. Where '443' is your port.

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How to get custom skins? Agario skins mod

Hi there! Today I'll show you how to get custom skins. Our team developed special extension for Google Chrome, it is called " Skins". This extension allows to get custom skins for Agario.

It is really easy to get custom skins.

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Top 5 best scores in agario. World record!

Hello everybody!

Here is top 5 of the best scores ever we find in agario. If you reach better score, please share with us your results in the comments below. All of this scores we find in Reddit pages. This guys made a lot of work to make such big cells, so we publish their achievements on our website. As you know, highest possible score for one cell is 22.5k, but you can make higher score with multiple cells. FYI if you want to be the best, you need to practice, you can do it usingyour own private server.

So, here is Top 5 biggest cells ever...

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How to fix agario lags in Chrome and other browsers?

Do you have lag problems with It happens because a lot of people play agario at the same time and servers can’t serve high load. Today I’ll show how to reduce lags in agario.

5 tips to reduce lags in

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How to play with friends on

Hello guys!!!

Today I'll show you how to play with friends.
As you know, if you join to server (e.g. Europe, Canada, USA West… ) then you randomly will be assigned to the room. Each server have many rooms. It means there is very small chance to play with your friends in the same room.

Would you like to play on the same room with your friends? Now it’s possible!!!

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How to create own private server in agario and play with friends

Today we will talk about “How to create private server in agario?”. So, if you decide to play agario with friends, you need to create private server. This tutorial will show you how to create own private server on Windows, if you need additional tutorial “How create private server on Mac”, please leave your comments below the article. To run Agario, you need to switch off Skype, if you have it.

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How to split yourself and others in

Splitting gives you a lot of advantages, you can split not only yourself, also you can split others.


How to split yourself in a half?

1. You should get 150 mass to be able to split

2. After than you need to press space bar and you gonna be split into a half

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New hot skins
Custom Skin War Wings
Custom Skin Virgo
Custom Skin War Tank
Custom Skin Techno Kid
Custom Skin Super Car
Custom Skin Power Fighter
Custom Skin Pixel Kong
Custom Skin Gold Coin
Custom Skin Scroll
Custom Skin Rogue
Custom Skin Raid Boss
Custom Skin Paladin
Custom Skin mage
Custom Skin Healing Potion
Custom Skin Archer