Today we will talk about “How to create private server in agario?”. So, if you decide to play agario with friends, you need to create private server. This tutorial will show you how to create own private server on Windows, if you need additional tutorial “How create private server on Mac”, please leave your comments below the article. To run Agario, you need to switch off Skype, if you have it.


  1. Download and install locally
  2. Download and install Hamachi
  3. Launch Hamachi
  4. Launch Agario
  5. Connect to server
  6. How my friend can connect to the server?
  7. How to manage agario private server?
  8. How to choose game mode?
  9. I have skype
  10. Video tutorial


Download and install locally

First of all you need to download and install onto your PC
You need to download it from here Click on “Click here to download the latest build of the Ogar binary”. Move .exe file into any folder and install it.
Download agario

Download and install Hamachi


Go to the and create account. After that download Hamachi unmanaged version.

Download agario

Launch Hamachi
Click Power” on in Hamachi menu, there you should type your login and password, which you created in the
Then click “Create new network” and type any Nework ID and password, for example
Network Id = Ogario1
Password = 123
Great, we have created network.

Download agario

Launch Agario

If you have running skype, switch off. Go to the folder where you have installed Agario. Click on Ogar-windows-17c620b.exe, name of your .exe file maybe little bit different. Great, Agario is ran.

Download agario

Connecting to server

Open your browser and type
Open Hamachi menu, and right click on your ip and select “Copy IPv4 address”. For example ip is
Add ip in to your browser.
Now it is look like
Also you need to specify your port, by default you are using 443 port. That’s why you need to add “:443” to the address bar.
Finally your address looks like

In your case, only ip will be different.
To add bots to the game, type into Agario command window Addbot 4. Where “4” is number of bots. Download agarioDownload agario

How my friend can connect to the server?

He should download and install Hamachi, as I mentioned before. Then he need to click Network and select “Join an existing network” and type Network Id and Password, which you created. In this case Network Id = Ogario1
Password = 123
After that he need to type into browser

How to manage agario private server?

You can add bots, kick bots and players and many other.  All commands type into command window agario. Here is list of commands

How to choose game mode?

To switch game mode, open gameserver.ini in agario folder, and alter id of serverGamemode




Free For All




Experimental (As of 6/13/15)




Hunger Games


Zombie Mode


Team Z


Team X


Rainbow FFA - Hint: Use with "setAcid(true)"


I have skype

If you want to create private server and don’t switch off Skype, then you should to open in your game folder gameserver.ini file and alter value of serverPort from 443 to 4545. Then you could use skype and private serverat the same time.

Download agario


Video tutorial